Accreditation surveyor program brings improved training, professional recognition and greater remuneration

Quality Practice Accreditation’s Quality Surveyor Program sets new standards for training, professional recognition and remuneration for accreditation surveyors.

“Accreditation is no longer about a practice visit and tick-a-box forms”, said QPA Managing Director, Dr Paul Mara.

“With the release of the RACGP 5th edition Standards and mooted changes to funding arrangements for general practice, there is a real need and opportunity for practices to put even more focus on quality assurance and quality improvement.

Improved training and mentoring, enhanced professional recognition, a quality improvement and quality assurance program and higher remuneration of surveyors are part of the new general practice environment.

We see accreditation and quality assurance now, but increasingly in the the future, as a highly valued activity in general practice, with surveyors playing a niche role in the range of professional interests that support quality health care, including clinical care of patients, education and teaching of medical students and GP registrars and other professional activities that all go to make general practice central to the health care system.”

As a surveyor, GPs, practice nurses, practice managers and experienced support staff have a real opportunity to make a difference to individual practices and general practice as a whole, while creating lasting professional relationships and discovering and exploring opportunities to enhance their own practices.

Under the QPA Quality Surveyor Program, all surveyors will be able to obtain industry standard qualifications that have relevance for quality assurance and improvement in other areas of health.

The program gives surveyors greater responsibility, but also greater flexibility and guarantees to allow surveyors to better integrate practice visits with their other responsibilities.

Under the program, remuneration has increased significantly for both GPs and non GP surveyors, up to $1900 a day plus allowances for GPs and $640 for support surveyors.

Under the new arrangements, all surveyors attending 5th edition visits are guaranteed a minimum whole day rate, providing more flexibility for scheduling other practice activities.

All QPA surveyors are covered by the Quality Assurance Declaration from the Minister for Health under Part VC of the Health Insurance Act 1973.

Quality Practice Accreditation gives practices a reliable choice in accreditation. Formed by practising GPs, it exists to support GPs and practices to provide the best care they possibly can in an increasingly complex and challenging environment. It continually sets new standards for support, innovation and quality assurance.

For further information, please contact Kylie Gardner, QPA Surveyor Manager | 02 6944 4042

Conference week has arrived!

This week, QPA ventures to both sides of the country, attending the AAPM National Conference in Perth, and the GP17 Conference in Sydney.

The AAPM Conference kicks off on Tuesday, October 24 with the welcome reception, and continues for three days, closing on Friday afternoon. If you are attending, please make sure you come and say hello to Tracy and Caroline.

GP17 gets underway on Thursday, October 26, and the launch of the 5th edition of the Standards for general practices is a key event for us. Kylie and Rebecca will be at the conference, and would love to catch up any GPs attending. If you have considered becoming a surveyor for QPA, please come and speak to Kylie, our Surveyor Manager.

Look out for updates on our Facebook and Twitter pages throughout the conferences.

Transition to the 5th edition

The 5th edition of the RACGP Standards for general practices is due to be released at the GP17 conference in October 2017.  Developed over a three-year period, and now highly anticipated, the new edition of the Standards is set to deliver significant changes.

With every new edition of the Standards, a period of transition occurs as practices continue to undergo accreditation. With the release of 5th edition in October 2017, all practices undergoing a final round of assessment against the 4th edition must achieve certification by October 31, 2018. For QPA clients, this means that your survey visit will need to be completed by July 31, 2018.

Up until November 1, 2017, practices can continue to register for assessment against 4th edition. This applies to clients seeking accreditation for the first time, and all practices that have current accreditation which expires in 2017 or 2018. From November 1, 2017, all practices registering for accreditation with QPA will be assessed against the 5th edition of the Standards.

If you are unsure of your options, or would just like to have a conversation about the Standards and the transition arrangements, please contact our Administration team on 1800 188 088.

Redesigning the Practice Incentive Program – Consultation

You may be aware that, in the Federal Budget of 2016 – 2017, the Australian Government announced that it would “work towards changing the PIP through a measure entitled Quality Improvement in General Practice – Simplification of the PIP.” This is very much in keeping with current directions in the general practice sphere (including the upcoming 5th edition of the Standards for general practices) that focus on driving quality outcomes.

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