General practices

An unparalleled, end-to-end accreditation system

Connect brings you a new vision of general practice accreditation, providing an intuitive, responsive and collaborative platform for all involved in the accreditation and quality assurance processes of general practices nationwide.

Dedicated support

Your practice is assigned a Quality Accreditation Manager, someone to support and guide you through every step of the accreditation process.

Training and education

Your practice has free access to a range of resources, including fact sheets and templates, webinars, the Standards and its companion guides, and monthly newsletters designed to support your practice and its staff, throughout the accreditation cycle.

Ongoing evaluation

Be better prepared with an audited report prior to your survey visit. By submitting your documentation and completing an indicator-level questionnaire via Connect, we will ensure your practice receives feedback to help you feel confident in meeting current accreditation standards.

The only specialists in general practice

Solely focussed on improving standards and quality in general practice, QPA is unique in the general practice accreditation setting. Proudly independent and dedicated to advocacy for our clients, we support outstanding general practices nationwide, guiding them in applying the Standards in their own settings and striving for the best in quality patient care.


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