The evolution of QPA

It’s 1999 and the GPA ACCREDITATION plus program is launched to provide general practices, nationwide, with a choice of accreditation provider. General Practice Australia, the company that administers the program, maintains its presence in the program name as “GPA” begins to take off.


As GPA becomes synonymous with the delivery of quality general practice accreditation, a new certification mark is developed. The mark evokes the shape of Australia, with all roads leading to a focal point over Gundagai, from where the GPA program is proudly operated. Quality Practice Accreditation is established, and takes over the Quality Assurance Declaration granted to General Practice Australia by the Commonwealth of Australia Department of Health.


Our new online platform, known as Connect, is launched after more than two years of development. It is designed to provide clients with an end-to-end, digital system for a practice’s accreditation.


2016 … a year of great change and achievement for the organisation. With accreditation granted by ISQua, and approval by the ACSQHC to accredit practices against the RACGP Standards, we transition to the corporate identity that always existed, but had taken a back seat to our renowned program name.

While the look may be fresh and distinctive, the links to the past remain, with the nucleus of the new colourful icon, like the heart of our business, remaining in Gundagai.