Redesigning the Practice Incentive Program – Consultation

You may be aware that, in the Federal Budget of 2016 – 2017, the Australian Government announced that it would “work towards changing the PIP through a measure entitled Quality Improvement in General Practice – Simplification of the PIP.” This is very much in keeping with current directions in the general practice sphere (including the upcoming 5th edition of the Standards for general practices)┬áthat focus on driving quality outcomes.

Two initial proposals for this revision are now available for stakeholder feedback, in a consultation paper entitled Redesigning the Practice Incentive Program (which you can download by clicking here). Opportunities for stakeholder feedback include forums and webcasts, written submissions, or the completion of an anonymous questionnaire (this information can be found on page 19 of the document, or on the Consultations page of the Department of Health website).

Submissions close on Wednesday, November 30, and we encourage our subscribers to download and read the document, and provide feedback if you are able. Like the Standards, the intention should be to raise the bar in quality outcomes while remaining achievable for practices, so don’t miss your opportunity to review and understand the proposals, and consider whether such changes would be beneficial to your practice, or would impose unattainable measures.