Fact sheets

QPA provides quality support to general practices throughout Australia. To assist practices, doctors and staff, we have developed a series of fact sheets based on the RACGP Standards for general practices (4th edition).

Each fact sheet is based on a specific criterion and outlines the essential requirements, assisting practices to better prepare and confidently meet the standards.

  • Section one: Practice services
  • Section two: Rights and needs of patients
  • Section three: Safety, quality improvement and education
  • Section four: Practice management
  • Section five: Physical factors
  • Other


Section one: Practice services

1.1.1 Scheduling care

1.1.1 Triage

1.1.2 Telephone and electronic communications

1.1.3 Home and other visits

1.1.4 Care outside normal opening hours

1.2.1 Practice information sheet

1.2.2 Informed patient decisions

1.2.3 Interpreter and other communication services

1.2.4 Costs associated with care

1.3.1 Health promotion and preventative care

1.4.1 Consistent evidence based practice

1.4.2 Clinical autonomy for general practitioners

1.5.1 Continuity of comprehensive care and the therapeutic relationship

1.5.2 Clinical handover

1.5.3 System for follow up of tests and results

1.6.1 Engaging with other services

1.6.2 Referral documents

1.7.1 Patient health records

1.7.2 Health summaries

1.7.3 Consultation notes


Section two: Rights and needs of patients

2.1.1 Respectful and culturally appropriate care

2.1.2 Patient feedback

2.1.3 Presence of a third party


Section three: Safety, quality improvement and education

3.1.1 Quality improvement activities

3.1.2 Managing clinical risks

3.1.3 Clinical governance

3.1.4 Patient identification

3.2.1 A and B Medical board registration and vocational registration evidence

3.2.1 C and D QI&CPD and CPR evidence

3.2.2 Qualifications of clinical staff

3.2.3 Training of administrative staff


Section four: Practice management

4.1.1 Human resource system

4.1.2 Occupational health and safety

4.2.1 Confidentiality and privacy

4.2.2 Information security


Section five: Physical factors

5.1.1 Practice facilities

5.1.2 Physical conditions conducive to confidentiality and privacy

5.1.3 Physical access

5.2.1 Practice equipment

5.2.1d Equipment maintenance schedule

5.2.2 Doctor’s bag

5.3.1 Safe and quality use of medicines

5.3.1 Schedule 8 Medicines

5.3.2 Vaccine potency

5.3.3 Cross infection

5.3.3 Healthcare associated infections

5.3.3 Pandemics

5.3.3 Sterilisation

5.3.3 The spills kit


About the practice information sheet

Cleaning the practice

Clinical waste storage and disposal

Clinical waste versus general waste

Collection of clinical waste

Communicating with patients

Creating a privacy policy

Disease surveillance

Ensuring confidentiality in the practice

Hand hygiene

Handling complaints

Induction and orientation programs for new GPs and staff

Infection control policy

Marketing to your market

Occupational health & safety for practice staff

Recalling patients with clinically significant test results

Risk management for practice staff security

Telephone techniques


Vocational registration for GPs

What happens if we relocate?