At QPA, we value general practice.  We are GPs.

“We understand how hard it is to be a GP. One minute you can be seeing a child with a sore throat, the next managing a patient with complex chronic disease.

As GPs, we understand general practice isn’t just about our patient’s problems but about their stories, where and how they live. We make a difference to people’s lives in small or large steps every day.”

“At QPA, we don’t just accredit general practices: we understand them.”

Dr Paul Mara

Managing Director


QPA exists to improve the healthcare of people, their families and communities. Accreditation builds confidence in the quality of general practice.

QPA is the only independent accreditation provider who specialises in General Practice – we focus on you, leaving you to focus on what’s important: your patients.

QPA delivers accreditation in a way which engages general practices in the quality cycle, continually striving for better.

Every practice is assigned a Quality Accreditation Manager, who will support and guide you through every step of the accreditation process.

Our core values

QPA builds confidence in the quality of general practice at the same time as developing opportunities for, and investing in, people in the small rural community in which it is based.

By engaging in efficient work processes to achieve better productivity and performance

Customer service
By understanding and exceeding expectations

Working together respectfully, valuing each other, to deliver the best outcomes for customers and the organisation

Each employee is accountable for their actions

By striving to lead in personal, team and business excellence

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